Blade & Soul: what is magic


Date & time Mar 10 '16
New York
Creator TamamShamoon

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Blade & Soul: what is magic

I honestly wish something "magical" could be done about it. But it's not going to happen.

We all know how outdated B&S is and with NCSOFT's track record as support, I don't foresee an immediate nor distant solution, other than what they've been doing (Banning them).

However, even their current ban process is unacceptable.

Two of the main/major hackers were reported as early as the first week of February. They were all over Youtube and had tons of reports sent in. Even after I posted a video of one of them, with 5000+ views in a few days, he was not banned until a full week later, after he had been sitting on the Diamond bench and climbed to top 10 players in the entire bracket.

It hasn't been as bad as it was some weeks ago, but there is still hackers here and there in the mid to upper Plat level and from what I can get more Blade And Soul Gold, most are in the early to mid Diamond bracket now.

The early Gold and below levels are plagued by bots as well, though again, not as bad as a few weeks ago (It was horrendous then).

Regardless, arena as it is right now, is a coin toss no matter what bracket you're in.

It's a real shame 'cause I was actually enjoying playing against actual, legitimate players for a while.

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