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Date & time Mar 9 '16
Albany, NY
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Blade & Soul: p2w gears

IN its current promised release version , NO its not slated to be anything like Archeage. But of course things might be all awesome in Beta and then on release the devs will bend you over and lube you up and fuck you over!!! Just like how Trion treated us in Alpha and then post release.

But BnS is not so heavily reliant on p2w gears or weapons. Like in Archeage where selling apex let you get OP divine buff gears and Blade-Soul Gold. Here in BnS sure you can still buy and sell cash shop items , get gold and buy your way to better gear but others who play for free are not so far behind, within a month of grinding even they can reach your level and infact you will be the fool who wasted money and got best in slot gears without even going thru the game...

Also they said gears in arena will be equalized so no matter how shitty or p2w you gear is, you are on equal footing in arena.

From what I played on other versions of BnS yes there are pay to get gears fast methods but every one else can easily catch up with grind. So it is more like pay for convenience and saving time.

Also in AA you know how we had charms and regrade scrolls and ridiculous butt & mind raping failure and breaking chances? Thats not there in BnS. We have weapons and instead of gears have tables that have the same progress system where you feed weapons to make it stronger in levels.

End game weapons and gears haev chances of failing to increase in levels but you never actually lose the original weapon. IT WILL NEVER BREAK no matter at what level. You might lose the items required to level it but not the weapon it self. And depend on how NC soft will handle our NA version of the game this MIGHT become p2w, I say might because we still arent sure how and what cash shop items will be in the game unless you have Blade And Soul Premium Membership. Also we dont know how much NC soft will change things, for example we are not sure how much feeding weapons or crafting will cost in terms of gold in the game. If it costs a lot then f2p will be grinding for eternity to even afford any upgrade and pay to win players can just buy their gold by selling cash shop items. We ll have to wait for Beta and see how it works out.


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